Benches and Pathways 5

Under the Shade 1

Being very close to the equator, temperatures in Papua New Guinea can be very humid and really punishing.  This is why many Papua New Guineans can be seen congregating under the shade of… Continue reading

Boy by the Stilts 3

Benches and Pathways 4

Photoart 7: Three Smiling Ladies

I watched as a lady colleague of mine chatted with them at the Kiunga Town Market.  They seemed to enjoy the conversation  so I clicked a few shots as they exchanged smiles with… Continue reading

Boy by the Stilts 2


Benches and Pathways 3

Photoart 6: Palm Frond Weaver

Palm fronds are regularly used as roofing material in many countries in Asia and the Pacific.  During our visit to one of the villages near Kiunga, I found this lady weaving palm fronds… Continue reading

Old Chain