Photoart 1: Market

There comes a time in a photographer’s life when he finds himself wanting of other ways to express himself through his photography.  As a result, some simply shift to other subjects (from landscapes… Continue reading

Kiunga Market Revisited

June 2013: I was back in Kiunga, in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea.    There were a series of meetings as usual and a brief visit to a nearby village and, yes,… Continue reading

Terminal 14: The Sign

Kids use the steel fence around an electric post as a perch from which to watch the activities at the Kiunga airport.  This danger sign seems to be ignored by kids and adults… Continue reading

Back in Kiunga

June 2013: This was my fourth visit to the small town of Kiunga in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea but I was getting mixed feelings this time.  I like Kiunga for… Continue reading

Two Hotels

The two hotels in Port Moresby that I and my team have used so far are Crowne Plaza and Grand Papua.  There are other choices (such as the more expensive Airways Hotel) but… Continue reading

Deep Blue

UFOs Over Port Moresby?

My only intention in taking these photos was to capture the stunning sunset as viewed from my 5th floor hotel room in Port Moresby — not to create another UFO controversy (I think… Continue reading

Unseen, Unheard

Me, I had to zoom five floors down from my hotel room window to the street below to capture this image — a mother and child selling a few things by the sidewalk… Continue reading

Back in Port Moresby

Well, I was back in Port Moresby in June and, as usual, restricted movement was enforced by the office I was working with ( see my previous post, Port Moresby).  And so my… Continue reading

Terminal 13: Simple Machines

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s a stack of baggage carts at the airport waiting to help the next weary passenger with a heavy load or to be photographed by a bored traveller-in-transit… Continue reading