Looking Into Development Issues in Post-Conflict Bougainville


Faces of Bougainville: Eden

From a distance, I saw each of them pull out a small  flower from the  bush then sip something from it. I figured out that they were going after the sweet nectar so… Continue reading

Green Island

Whether travelling along the inland rough roads or cruising around the reefs, atolls and islets around the Bougainville Island; I see green.  Mother nature’s palette has obviously made green the color theme for the island.… Continue reading

The Buai Communion

December 2012: The one thing I learned while watching the leisurely, almost passive street life in Buka Town in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville was to appreciate the important role of buai (areca… Continue reading

Faces of Bougainville: I See Me!

No, the face is not mine.  He’s a man I met on the street in Buka who volunteered to be photographed.  And yes, that’s me reflected on his mirrorized sunglasses.  I just thought… Continue reading

Bougainville the Brave

To somebody who watches documentary films, the name Bougainville may ring a bell.  At least two multi-awarded documentaries were made about this obscure island in the Pacific; The Coconut Revolution and Bougainville – Our Island… Continue reading

An Island in the Pacific

Long before I was able to travel beyond the borders of my small hometown, I was able to watch and immensely enjoy Walt Disney’s classic “20,000 Leagues under the Sea“.  That movie probably… Continue reading


Well, it’s time to hit the off-the-beaten-track places once again.  The now concluded Hong Kong series was not bad and, being in a highly urban context,  the images I captured there in November 2012… Continue reading

Terminal 11: Shadow Crew

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