Sensuous Singkil 3

Singkil is the most popular traditional dance among the tribes of Muslim Mindanao.  The dance tells the story of the lovely Princess Gandingan whose struggles against evil are portrayed through the challenges of… Continue reading

Singkil Dancer 5

Lotus Morning 6

Singkil Dancer 4

Sensuous Singkil 2

March 2014: On a single night, I witnessed 3 different versions of Singkil, the most popular ethnic dance among the ethnic tribes of Mindanao.  The dance tells the story of the lovely Princess… Continue reading

Lotus Morning 5

Lotus Morning 4

Singkil Dancer 3

In the Singkil Dance, as the character of Princess Gandingan, gracefully dances her way across crisscrossing bamboo poles; the character of her assistant keeps a colorful umbrella above her head and also had… Continue reading

Lotus Morning 3

Singkil Dancer 2

In the Singkil Dance, the lead dancer representing the legendary Princess Gandingan, maintains a solemn and dignified pose throughout the dance which starts at a slow pace then gradually rises to a crescendo… Continue reading