A Summer Place 1

How many photos should one take of a single subject? Just one? Dozens? Hundreds, perhaps?  Well, if the number of possibilities for combining daylight, perspective, camera settings, filters, etc. are to be considered,… Continue reading

Daru Island: On Muddy Shores

May 2014:  There I was again staring at this sunset from the balcony of an aging inn called New Century on Daru Island in the Gulf of Papua. I flew straight to this… Continue reading

Shifting Gear

For quite a long while now,  I have been a DSLR-toting traveller, dragging heavy photography gear in my trips to often harsh and unfriendly environments and for assignments often unrelated to photography. My… Continue reading

Lotus Morning 9

Singkil Dancer 12

World Environment Day: Tureture – The Vanishing Village

This photo essay was scheduled to be posted for later date but, realizing that the World Environment Day is being observed today, June 05; I decided to publish it now.  In the US,… Continue reading

Singkil Dancer 11

Singkil Dancer 10

Lotus Morning 8

Singkil Dancer 9