Spectators, Vendors and Street Sweepers

The annual Kadayawan Festival of Davao City (celebrated on the 3rd week of August each year) is a treasure trove of exciting pictures for budding and professional photographers.  I was fortunate to be in town during this year’s celebration and was able to take photos of the street dance competition (see My 15 Most Photogenic Street Dancers of the Kadayawan Festival 2011), the floral float parade (see 15 Most Photogenic Tribal Ladies of the 2011 Kadayawan Festival) and the agro fair (see The Waling-waling and other Orchids and Flowers of Davao City).

While my main interest was to photograph the highlights of the various parades and competitions; I also tried to observe the sidelines – the spectators and other people who compose the crowd on the streets and tried to capture interesting photos of them.  It was not an easy task considering the size of the crowd and the continuous flow of floats, bands and dancers but I somehow managed to catch a few good ones. Here they are.


"Knight on a Dragonfly"

“Knight on a Dragonfly” / Philippines 2011 [Davao City]: No, it’s not a scene from a fantasy movie. The girl who looks like a damsel in distress was a spectator who decided to watch the floral float parade from the second floor window of a building.  The boy who looks like he was about to rescue her from the back of a huge dragonfly was actually one of the riders of a floral float featuring dragonflies and the flowers of Davao City.


Sad Spectator

 “Sad Spectator” / Philippines 2011 [Davao City]: The lady perched on a second floor window of an old building appears sad and oblivious to the excitement as a brass band was passing by on the street below.  I had to zoom in the photo to confirm that she was in fact talking to a mobile phone.


A Tourist Family

“A Tourist Family” / Philippines 2011 [Davao City]: A vendor takes advantage of a short lull in the parade to offer toys to two boys in a family of tourists – spectators.  The orange rope was installed to keep spectators outside the path of the parade but the vendors and most of the photographers, including myself, were obviously on the wrong side of the rope.


"Fresh Coconut Juice"

“Fresh Coconut Juice” / Philippines 2011 [Davao City]: This young girl also took advantage of a lull in the parade to approach a couple selling fresh coconuts and coconut juice on a flimsy trike.


"Balloon Man"

“Balloon Man” / Philippines 2011 [Davao City]: Another vendor prepares his balloons along a colorfully-decorated street.   I wondered where he was going because he was moving away from the parade and the main crowd.


"Shutter Bugs"

“Shutter Bugs” / Philippines 2011 [Davao City]: The photographers in the location I chose were so many that almost half of the crowd held a camera and we were almost breathing on each other’s necks as we struggled to capture the best angle of the street dancers.


"Cheery Street Sweepers"

“Cheery Street Sweepers” / Philippines 2011 [Davao City]: You will know that a parade has ended when you see a garbage truck and a band of middle-aged ladies in green dragging dust pans and broomsticks – the street sweepers. I caught this quadruple enjoying a short rest as the crowd started to disperse and the garbage truck passes by. A jovial ending to another colorful event.


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