Brook under a Rainforest

We took the challenge of the 4-km Mountain Trail at Eden Nature Park in Davao City in August.  I and my 3 kids hit the trail early in the morning, had a leisurely time negotiating the trail that traced a brook under a tropical rainforest, and completed it just in time for a late breakfast back in camp.

Aside from the adventure, my other motive was of course to take photos of the trail and a brook remains to be one of the best subjects a photographer can find under a rainforest.

An Invitation to Swim

Although this small pool was quite shallow I felt like it was inviting me for a quick dip.


Green Canopy

Typical of tropical rainforests, the foliage above the brook is ever green.


Quick Stop

The endless gurgling of the brook and the musical chirping of early birds made this section a perfect place to stop.


Mountain Brook

I felt like I wanted to stay in this place a little longer but the kids were already grumbling and a hot breakfast was waiting back in camp.

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