Rainbow Gum in Sepia

"Climber". Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2011

"Crisp". Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2011

As told in my previous post, a lazy afternoon sent me wandering with my camera into a nearby woods planted with “Bagras” (Eucalyptus deglupta), also known as Mindanao Gum, Rainbow Gum, or Rainbow Eucalyptus and resulted to detail photos of the colorful bark of this South East Asian tree.  The photos came out great in color as can be seen in my previous post but I also found many of them more appropriate in sepia as the texture and shades of black and gray seem to create greater impact.  These are some of them.

"Regenerating". Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2011

"Shedding Off". Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2011

The surface of the bark is generally smooth but the continuously peeling skin creates random shapes as they wrinkle and warp leaving the varying shapes and shades of color on the tree’s bark.  This plus disturbances on the bark; decay, scars from a wound or detached branch create exciting variations in texture — probably why I felt that these photos would look best in sepia.



"Healing". Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2011

"Ant". Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2011

Of course I had help from some other factors: a vine climbing up the tree in the first photo and an ant surveying its territory on the bark’s surface in the last photo added more excitement to the detail.

The lazy afternoon turned out just fine after all.