Jezrah – An Enchanting Filipina Beauty

"Filipina Beauty". Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2011

Her name is Jezrah. She was crowned this year’s top title in the “Mutya ng Tupi”, an annual beauty pageant highlighting the celebration of the town fiesta and founding anniversary of Tupi, a scenic municipality in the Province of South Cotabato in southern Philippines.

I grew up in Tupi and, although my permanent residence is now in Davao City, I stay in Tupi most of the time when I’m not on travel because of its favorable climate and a farm I’m trying to develop into a resort.

"Morena". Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2011

I was fortunate to get Jezrah to agree to become the model for the ads and billboards I put up along the highway and other public places to encourage local tourists to visit the resort. I also thought that it will be good for her image as the local beauty queen to encourage visitors to our small town.  Of course, as a photography hobbyist, I am honored and was extremely excited to be photographing the local jewel (mutya) and ambassadress of beauty.

"Captivating". Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2011

My excitement was not disappointed.  Like a heavenly apparition, Jezrah’s enchanting Filipina beauty appeared at the resort’s gates in the morning of the Halloween, our appointed date for the photo shoot.  I was pleasantly surprised that, despite her young age, she struck amazing poses and projected her loveliness with ease and confidence, requiring minimal coaching from me and her chaperons, and making my work as the photographer a lot easier and several times more exciting.

"Comely". Copyright Jessie T. Ponce 2011

The new ads we envision required photos of the various accommodations and other amenities of the resort and thus required several change of costumes on the part of Jezrah and careful planning on my part as both the photographer and owner of the resort. Now I have more than 300 raw photos that I need to process and select from for the ads.  It’s quite a daunting task but working on the combined images of a personal project and a beautiful lady is never boring.  As a bonus, I get to choose a few photos for my blogs.  And Jezrah’s smiles in the photos work like magic.

"Enchanting". Jessie T. Ponce Photography