Jezrah – The Case of a Lovely Morphing Face

There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect. ~Gilbert Keith Chesterton

“What?!”,  the investigator exclaimed with obvious disbelief.  “Are you telling me that these faces in the pictures all belong to just one person? Are you sure?!” “Yes sir, I took the photos myself”, I curtly replied.  “But how come they don’t look exactly the same? Maybe your files got mixed up and you inadvertently included somebody else’s photo?  Maybe there was a gap of weeks or months between some of the photos?”, he was already theorizing but framed his words like questions.  “No, sir. There was only one person in my photo files who wore these costumes and she’s the one in the pictures.  All the photos I took of her were taken within a span of 2 hours.  There were three breaks in between takes to change costumes and retouch the hair and make-up but, otherwise, all the pictures were taken within minutes of each other”, I explained with a bit of impatience. “But how can that be?”, he shook his head as he paced around the room.

“For example, this one”, he turned towards me once again while pointing at a set of photos. “Are you telling me that she went into the pool looking like a smiley grade school kid then came out looking like a college girl with a gorgeous tan?”  I nodded in response slightly amused at his analogy.

“Or this set of photos in yellow”, he continued, “are  you saying that she was transforming right before your eyes and you didn’t even notice until you started processing the pictures? Are you sure you did not manipulate your camera settings or edit the pictures to make them look dissimilar?”

“Right before my lenses, sir”, I corrected him.  “If she was morphing while I was taking pictures, I did not notice.  And I had no reason to manipulate my camera or edit the photos to make the faces come out differently.”

“Okay then, maybe it was the light, the angle of the photo, the depth of field, your shutter speed… Or maybe it was the make-up and those strange things women apply on their bodies”, he was thinking aloud once again.  “Or maybe it was a combination of all those factors sir”, I interjected, surprised that he knew photography terms.  ” The people in the fashion industry would most probably know the answer”, I suggested.

“So, theoretically, if these photos prove that women are able to ‘morph‘ — if I may use your term — I could be sleeping with an adult lady then wake up to a young girl the next day…” he was still on to his thoughts.  “I know of some people who swear of having gone through such experience, sir”,  I replied extending my patience further.

“Ha, women. I always knew there was something mysterious about them!”, he grunted loudly.  “Now let me go and confirm this with the fashionistas”, he said as he turned to leave.

I followed him to the door but then he turned towards me once again. “This girl, Jezrah”, he said as he gestured towards the photos, “All the faces she morphed into are very lovely, aren’t they?”

I smiled noticing that this time his words didn’t sound like a question.

Model: Deanna Jezrah Hatulan-Jontilano
Location: Sweet Waters Garden Resort, Philippines
Camera Used: Olympus E-500
Editing: Page Construction Feature of PhotoScape