The Balcony – Part 1

"Mother of memories, mistress of mistresses"

"O thou, my pleasure, thou, all my desire"

"Thou shalt recall the beauty of caresses"

"The charm of evenings by the gentle fire"

"Mother of memories, mistress of mistresses!"

Note from Shutter Bug:

This post is the first part of a series of photos featuring the balconies of Georgia (the country).  I arranged the 6 sets of photos to correspond to the 6 stanzas of the poem, “The Balcony” by Charles Baudelaire and used each line of the poem as a photo caption.

A balcony is a  prominent feature of Georgian architecture . One can often find a balcony in homes, hotels or government buildings in Georgia.  These photos were taken mainly in Tbilisi, the capital city and in Sighnaghi, a tourist town in the province of Kakheti. It is noticeable that the design has evolved with the times. Older buildings, mainly those found in the Old Tbilisi section of the capital, have balconies made of wood garnished with intricate carvings.  On the other hand, newer buildings such as those found in newly-refurbished Sighnaghi, made use of more modern designs and materials.

I had a wonderful time photographing these balconies. Thanks for joining me in this trip. 🙂