The Balcony – Part 3

"Lovely the suns were in those twilights warm"

"And space profound, and strong life's pulsing flood"

"In bending o'er you, queen of every charm"

"I thought I breathed the perfume in your blood"

"The suns were beauteous in those twilights warm"

Note from Shutter Bug:

Hello again. Here’s the third set of my balcony photos of Georgia (the country) with the lines from the third stanza of the poem, “The Balcony” by Charles Baudelaire as a photo captions.

One can often find a balcony in homes, hotels or government buildings in Georgia. I love this particular feature of Georgian architecture so I photographed them whenever I had an opportunity.   The first two photos were taken in Sighnaghi, a tourist town in the province of Kakheti while the rest were taken mainly in Tbilisi, the capital city. It is noticeable that the design has evolved with the times. Older buildings, mainly those found in the Old Tbilisi section of the capital, have balconies made of wood garnished with intricate carvings.  On the other hand, newer buildings such as those found in newly-refurbished Sighnaghi, made use of more modern designs and materials.

I had a wonderful time photographing these balconies. Thanks for joining me in this trip. 🙂