Lotus Morning


I wanted to take a breather from my balcony series so I decided to post a different set of pictures today.  I’ve been recently inspired by fellow bloggers’ photos of subjects reflected on the water so yesterday I brought out my camera early in the morning and took pictures of the lotuses in a nearby pond as  their flowers started to open and the soft morning sunlight threw their reflection on the water.


I had some difficulty getting my desired angles as I needed to take photos from above the water and its surface was cluttered by the lotuses’ leaves. My plan for the above photo was to combine a bamboo trellis’ reflection with the lotus leaves on a smooth water’s surface but a fish suddenly created a ripple as my shutter snapped thus creating an additional effect. Oh well, thanks fish!


"Bamboo Bridge"

A bamboo bridge connects  to a small island in the middle of the pond. Instead of taking photos of the bridge, which I already did many times, this time I decided to capture its reflection on the water together with a fully opened lotus flower and the bridge’s posts.

"Morning Glory"

Unlike other varieties, this lotus opens its flowers only in the morning and closes again when the sun is fully up.  In this photo, the two mature flowers have fully opened.  Time to get my morning coffee. 🙂