The Balcony – Part 6

"Can vows and perfumes, kisses infinite"

"Be reborn from the gulf we cannot sound"

"As rise to heaven suns once again made bright"

"After being plunged in deep seas and profound?"

"Ah, vows and perfumes, kisses infinite!"

Note from the Shutter Bug:

This post completes my 6-part series of balcony photos with the lines from the poem, “The Balcony” by Charles Baudelaire as photo captions. It has been fun photographing the balconies of Georgia (the country), mainly those in Tbilisi (the Old Tbilisi section) and in the tourist town of  Sighnaghi. I hope you had fun viewing the photos as well.

To give justice to the poem, which is truly beautiful and was tremendously helpful in organising this series; I will be posting a recap soon with the full text of “The Balcony” accompanied by the favorites among the 30 photos included in the series.

Many thanks again for joining me and for all your kind comments. See you at the recap. 🙂