My Share of Bird Photos 1

Forward, march! Hupp, two, three, four! (Jurong Bird Park, Singapore)

Birds were among my favorite subjects especially when I just got into photography and I was still using film. Back then, even the dullest and least attractive of these winged creatures would get a chance to show off their plumes in my prints.  But, for some reason, my preferences have changed somewhere in the process and I was churning out more still life, landscapes, and portraits – less birds – later on.

Solitude (Jurong Bird Park, Singapore)

I didn’t seek out birds as I did before but still took photos of them when I got a chance. However, on a visit to Singapore in 2006, a tour of Jurong Bird Park was part of the itinerary and thus, combined with some random bird images I took in some other places,  I once again had a good set of  bird photos this time in my digital file.

Sunbath (Jurong Bird Park, Singapore)

However, for some reason, I was also not satisfied with these bird images shown as plain photos so I played with them in my photo editor and ended up liking the images edited to look like oil paintings (For more details on this technique, see “Earthen Jars or How to Paint with PhotoScape” and “Combining PhotoScape’s Pictorialization Effects in Photos”).

As with my Aceh photos (see “Aceh 2006” ), I have published these images in my multiply site which I have already abandoned and am now re-posting them at WordPress in a 3-set series.  I hope you enjoyed them.

To dive or not to dive -- that is the question (Jurong Bird Park, Singapore)