A Traveller’s Tale 2011 – Half a Year of Photos

Oh, how time flies! 2011 is about to end and a new year is about to begin.  I’ve been thinking of posting something special for the holidays but, after looking at my schedule over the Christmas and New Year holidays, I concluded that I won’t be able to come up with something out of the ordinary.  The closest I got towards posting something related to the celebrations was my article, “Parol” – Colorful Star of Christmas in the Philippines”, but that was in November and the story was not talking about the celebration itself. Perhaps I can come with something in January but the festivities will be over and the story will be stale by then.  And so I thought of putting together a  sort of a year-ender featuring the ups and downs of this blog this year.

Fruit of the coconut - the Tree of Life

July – A Traveller’s Tale was born at WordPress with the start of a series on Tropical Fruits. I’ve been working on this project before joining WordPress so I was quite ready and made two of my first posts on the 21st of July. Two posts in a day? Perhaps I got too excited but, nevertheless, these became two of my most popular posts in this category over the succeeding months: Tropical Fruits Facts and Legends: Coconut – The Tree of Life; Tropical Fruit Facts and Legends: Durian – Asia’s Notorious “King of Fruits”.

The Kadayawan Festival of Davao City

August – There was a huge festival in my city, Davao, and as far as I can remember, this was the first time I was in town for the celebration. I’ve been travelling a lot and most of my photos were taken in other countries and so I was excited to be photographing my own city for the first time. Thus, most of my photos and posts on this month were related to the Kadayawan Festival and my main intended audience were my friends on Facebook but some fellow bloggers at WordPress started to notice A Traveller’s Tale.

Old wooden carts at the grounds of a hotel in Mongolia

September – Like a kid in puberty, the blog was still in search of  an identity in terms of style and content. The tropical fruits series was driven by information about the featured fruit rather than the photos I already have. And so, aside from working on the series, I started posting 3 to 5 of my old photos at a time using categories such as still life and random objects, photos of people, photos in sepia, etc. as basis for grouping photos. I also visited other blogs more often and started getting traffic into my own.

The Motsameta Monastery in Kutaisi, Georgia

October – The ‘Churches and Monasteries’ category was started at A Traveller’s Tale featuring photos taken earlier this year in Georgia, South Caucasus.  More on tropical fruits and other categories were posted  as ‘breakers’ in between but the series helped define the succeeding styles and content of the blog. It was around this time when a friend who was faithfully following my posts commented that the blog has evolved and I believed her. The kid has matured in a way.

Household utensils carved from jackwood.

November – A bit more confident about the style and format now, November was quite a busy time for A Traveller’s Tale. One of the most appreciated articles, “The Trump Tower and Other Rising Structures in Batumi”, was posted this month. A series of 30 photos carrying the title, “The Balcony” coupled with a poem by Charles Baudelaire occupied this period but a few independent posts, such as “Jackwood Art” also got noticed. It was generally a good month for A Traveller’s Tale.

"After the Flood": Remnants of the devastation mixed with hopeful signs of recovery

December – The final month of 2011 has been affected by the holidays (just like the rest of us, I got to take care of some business and domestic chores). Nevertheless, two 3-part series; “Benches” and “My Share of Bird Photos” were completed this month but the highlight was an independent post carrying the title “Aceh 2006” which featured a photo essay on the recovery of the Acehnese people from the devastation of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in December 2004.

I consider it a good half-year of blogging at WordPress and I enjoyed working on my posts and interacting with fellow bloggers with similar interests. I look forward to meeting and sharing thoughts and photos with many more in 2012.

Happy new year everyone!