Hotel Mongolia 3: Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods by Jessie T. Ponce

Cabin in the Woods

What mighty spells have you that I couldn’t resist,
To make me want to slow down and obtain some rest?
While the journey is long and there’s much work ahead,
You so tempt me to stay here and lay down my head.
Is it the great sun you use to brighten my mood,
As it caressed your walls of memories untold?
Are the trees your disciples who lighten my load,
As they cast strange shadows, leaves and branches so bold?
Is it the clear river gently flowing nearby,
That soothe my wounds with love songs or a lullaby?
Are the distant mountains listening to my cry?
Are the wilting weeds weeping as they hear me sigh?
Oh cabin in the woods  kept away from the world,
Is a friend inside you to give warmth when it’s cold?
Is your charm pulling my soul to sleep in your hold,
Or it’s just me longing, alone and feeling old?
—- Jessie T. Ponce, January 2012