Faces of Nauru

While on the topic, I thought that it would be nice to post more images taken in Nauru before posting my next article/photo essay about the country.  Some of the images below were previously posted here or in my other sites (one has been used by a magazine), but it’s the first time they will be posted together as a follow-up to my previous post, Nauru: The World’s Smallest Island-Nation. Have fun!

“Nauruan Girls and Coca-cola”: My favorite, this photo was taken during a 7-km fun run sponsored by, well, Coca-cola. These pretty girls were just so friendly I thought I’ve met them before somewhere in the island.

“Hungry by my Balcony”: I was having breakfast alone in my hotel balcony enjoying the morning view of the Pacific when this boy startled me. Took this photo before I shared my sandwich and juice with him. 🙂

“Waiting”: A bus services the road that goes around the island. This lady waits for the bus by a vine-covered ruin.

“A Pool for a Change”: An aging desalination plant provides water to the island’s households and to fill this seldom-used hotel pool. These boys, who I often see swimming at the beach, immediately took advantage of the opportunity when the pool was being filled for a special occasion.