Nauru Seascapes

“A Pacific Scene”

The road that goes around the island-nation of Nauru is less than 20 kilometers long so it’s quite easy to regularly drive around the country and search for photo ops. There isn’t much to see inland or the ‘topside’ except for the phosphate mines, the Buada Lagoon, and a few wartime remnants so there’s always a better chance of catching a good photo along the shoreline. Here are some of the images I caught on Nauru’s shores.


“Homeward Bound”

“Over of the Rainbow”

“End of Day”

The image of the bird (“Alone”) has a long and exciting story behind it which I’ve been really itching to post but thought that it would be best to save it for last to close this series — a chapter on Nauru. Stay tuned! 🙂