I used to post something, mostly articles/photo essays or sets of photos, every other day.  At that rate last year, according to WP’s Annual Report which I really appreciate; it still summed up to an average of a photo a day throughout the year when I only started blogging at WordPress in July 2011 or for a total of only 6 months during that year.

I wanted to retain that pattern this year – a photo essay or set of photos every other day – but, since my current set of photos are already good for at least the first half of the year and I continue playing with my camera, I realized that the photos that I will be posting will always be at least 6 months old at this rate.

Okay, so what I decided to do is to continue collecting materials for whole articles /photos essays but use some of the more current photos as ‘breakers’ in between the photo essays.  That literally converts to a post a day which is a tall order if I was on assignment but is presently doable as I am not on travel.  Let’s see what happens when I’m in an obscure place somewhere in the world once again.

So today’s ‘breaker’ is another duotone. I was trying to capture the effect of ambient light on a pile of empty bottles in my yard — a common subject but still I liked the images that came out.  Have fun for the rest of the weekend. 🙂