A Study in Green

I already forgot that I wrote this poem had FB not reminded me that I posted this article four years ago.  Already a bit disorganized because I was using a different template then, I decided to fix the format and re-post it.  I kept the text as is.


by Jessie T. Ponce

Green was the aroma of the sweet mountain breeze
Of the pine trees, and the vines, and the daybreak mist
Green were the happy leaves who the night’s rain had kissed
And brought forth bright flowers at the sunlight’s bequest

Green were the moist grasses gaily greeting my feet
Which from the cabin stepped, to the mountain trail set
Green grew from the rich soil in my aging shoes’ beneath
As I marched down the slope to my early morn’s quest

 Bright green were the wrappings of Mother Nature’s gifts
Of dainty wild flowers on the sides of the cliffs
And green did I reckon was the smokeless blue sky
As I gazed on a pool in a brook I passed by
Ever green were the moss blanketing an old bridge
And so were the bamboos, ferns and weeds on the ridge
And Green were the wood trunks on the sides of a hill
When viewed as a forest void of concrete or steel
My heart hummed with nature as I carried each step
“What a Wonderful World” did the merry songbirds chirp
As the busy bees buzzed an old poem about trees
I retraced my way home full of joy in my chest
Asleep in my cabin, of a green world I dreamt
Where my grandchildren lived on a plant covered earth
And all the green wonders Mother Nature bequeathed
Still their treasured heirloom when I’m down in my grave

Author’s Note: All photos were taken at the tropical mountain trail of Eden Nature Park in Davao City, Philippines (see previous post, “The Mountaineer’s Creed”). This post is part of a series of photo essays about nature and the Eden Nature Park.


Poem and photos copyright Jessie T. Ponce / February 2012 / All rights rights reserved.