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Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Pedestrian bridge over Mtkvari

We will leave my ‘green’ photos for a while to visit the other photography projects  I did in Georgia, the country.  Last year I posted a series on medieval churches and monasteries of Georgia (see this link)  but of course these were not the only photos I took.  The above was just one of the many other scenes I photographed of this lovely country.

This pedestrian bridge can be found in Tbilisi, Georgia’s present capital.  Though attracting curiosity, it holds a rather uncomfortable position both in terms of  its physical location and in terms of the opinion of Georgians.  The bridge connects two important parts of the Old Tbilisi section which is divided by the Mtkvari River in  the Georgian capital.  Both sides of the mythical river  hold important medieval structures and heritage sites including the legendary sulfur baths (where Tbilisi got its name) on one side and the old Metekhi Church on the other; thus its avant garde design looks quite out of place.  The Georgians I talked to are equally split in their opinion.  While others appreciate its modern architecture and eye-catching design; the other half insist that the bridge negatively affects the ambiance of a historically important section of the country.

In my personal view the bridge holds a deeper meaning: it symbolizes Georgia’s determination to preserve a colorful past and embrace a hopeful future at the same time .  And of course, as can be seen above, it makes an exciting photography subject. The bridge’s unusual shape mirrored on the calm Mtkvari will be one of the main features of this series. I hope you can join me in this tour.

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