Mirrored 3

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Early Morning Scene at Mtkvari

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

The Metekhi Church

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Beautiful Balconies over Mtkvari

The Mtkvari River flows from the Caucasus Mountains where it was named Cyrus by the Greeks; flows through Turkey where it’s called Kura; through  Georgia where its called Mtkvari; and then through Azerbaijan where it’s name is Kür and where it receives the Aras River as a tributary; thus travelling a total of 1,515 kilometers (941 mi) before finally entering the Caspian Sea.

This scenic section of the Mtkvari River is where it passes the Old Tbilisi section of the Georgian capital, the same stretch where the Metekhi Church and the Peace Bridge can be found.  The houses and other buildings looking precarious on top of the cliffs inspired me to do ‘The Balcony’ series last year. The beautiful, intricately-designed balconies in the buildings overlooking the river are just hard to miss.  My first attempts to photograph the balconies were from a speeding car (see photo on the left) until I finally found time to spend a few hours in the area photographing the balconies, the Metekhi Church, and Peace Bridge, and the Mtkvari River.

For the first photo, I carefully chose an angle to capture this golden scene of the buildings and the cliffs reflected on the water.