By the River Mtkvari 4

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Here’s a brighter version of a fisherman along Mtkvari River.  This one was taken on the same morning near Old Tbilisi but at a later time when the sun has risen a bit higher behind me.  King Gorgasali’s statue stands on the right over an old bridge atop a brighter, lighter colored cliff.  The soft reflections and the fading intensity of color from the front to the back were what I wanted to capture in this scene.

On another note, I may need to adjust my posting schedule back to once every 2 days to allow me more time to focus on a project I’m working on.  I still have a few more photo sets about Georgia lined up for the coming days to be followed by a new series on another exotic place. Will just make sure that one gets posted every other day. Stay tuned. 🙂