A Thousand Thanks and More!

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When I set-up ‘A Traveller’s Tale’ and posted my first article here at WordPress in July 2011, I promised myself  to faithfully do  these: (1) acknowledge my ‘likers’ by visiting their blog, liking back their posts, and leaving a comment if possible; (2) respond to each comment on my posts; and (3) personally thank my subscribers (if any) and get to know them by visiting their blogs and by exploring their posts.  I did not think that in making these promises I was being too hard on myself then as the traffic to my blog was still too low and I was able to do all these things easily.

That was then. Now, 8 months later, I hesitantly admit that the promise I made was indeed a tall order.  Though I try hard, I am not able respond to all the comments on time much less acknowledge new subscribers and ‘likers’.  And I feel guilty! This is not supposed to happen!  I am being rude and ungrateful! Those who subscribe to my blog and like or comment on my posts deserve an acknowledgement at the very least.

The First 1000!

The number of subscribers to ‘A Traveller’s Tale’ surpassed 1000 today(Holy smokes! I never imagined I’d get this far!).  The lucky 1000th subscriber is Teresa Meier of Teresa Meier Travel and Documentary PhotographyTHANK YOU, Teresa. You represent a very significant milestone for ‘A Traveller’s Tale’.

Having reached this milestone is a very good reason to celebrate and it is also the best time  to express GRATITUDE, make up for my shortcomings, and hopefully redeem myself from this nasty guilt feeling.  Therefore;

To the 1000+ fellow bloggers who subscribe to ‘A Traveller’s Tale’, including those following my posts from Twitter;  MY SINCEREST THANKS goes to ALL OF YOU!

To all those who left encouraging and colorful comments in my 100 or so posts, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

And to all the hundreds, maybe thousands, who made their visits felt by clicking the ‘like’ button in my posts, I VERY TRULY APPRECIATE IT!

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I’m hesitant to name names but, now that I’ve said THANKS TO EVERYONE, I really have to specify fellow bloggers who truly deserve being especially recognized.  The first group are the people who, while I was still groping in the dark in search for the best way to package ‘A Traveller’s Tale’; encouraged me to go on by subscribing to the blog despite its many limitations then.  And so, I take a bow and offer MY DEEPEST GRATITUDE to the FIRST 20 SUBSCRIBERS of A Traveller’s Tale, namely:

David Hall
Fourth T Photography
Jim Brickett
Mike Moruzi
Mesh Ashton
Rich Copley
Lindsay Carreiro
T Hollis
Doon Po Sa Amin: I Conquered The Cables
Beth Winter


Jessie T. Ponce Photography

 Blog Builders

I value comments and I make use of them to build my blog better and so, to all of you who left comments in my posts, again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  Among those who often left comments is the second group of persons who really deserve special recognition.  They are those who, perhaps without themselves knowing, frequently and consistently gave comments which, in one way or another, helped me define my style as well as the form and content of  ‘A Traveller’s Tale’. There were many of them but fifteen names stood out in my mind when I started thinking who they were,  and so I take my hat off and offer MY SPECIAL THANKS to the 15 BEST COMMENTATORS on A Traveller’s Tale, namely:
Kristina of Little Trot
T Hollis of T Hollis
Dezra Despain of deeper meanings
Lance Weisser of weisserwatercolors
George Weaver of She Kept a Parrot
Lois Farley Shufford of therootsystems
Joseph de Lange of MRJOM’S BLOG
Nikhil Kardale of Credo in between the lines
Disperser of Disperser Tracks
Angeline M of Angelinem’s Blog
Bashar Al-Kuwaiti of  2 Rivers Photos

 Award Givers

There are also those who express their appreciation of the blog by passing on various awards. I have been remiss in this part as well because I failed to pass on some awards after being nominated (except after my first nomination) but I personally consider these nominations as sincere recognition of the effort we place in our blogs.

Some of us may think that these so-called ‘awards’ are nothing but glorified chain letters and others seem to get irritated by the pressure to pass on and comply with the requirements but I always think that there must have been a good reason for us being nominated for the award instead of the hundreds of other possible nominees out there.  And so I SINCERELY THANK the following persons for bestowing me these honors.

For nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award, MANY THANKS to the following:

 And to Christina of Travel Tales for bestowing me the Kreativ Blogger and One Lovely Blog Award on February 21, 2012.

The Most Special

Finally, you will notice that 3 persons keep popping up in my lists above and they are Kristina of Little Trot, David Hall of A Monkeyhanger’s Motley Medley, and T Hollis of T Hollis.  They have been visiting A Traveller’s Tale since its humble beginning and they saw it evolve into how it looks like now.  More importantly, they often left comments which I consider partially responsible for the huge improvement of this blog. They are probably the three bloggers who would know most about A Traveller’s Tale and so, David, Kristina, and Ms. T; I give you MY MOST SPECIAL THANKS! and I will be honored to host each of you at A Traveller’s Tale.  Please consider posting a topic of your choice at A Traveller’s Tale as a Guest Blogger soon.  Again, THANK YOU.

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