Caucasian Woods

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Caucasian Woods 1

Oh, that was a good break thanking everyone.  The warm responses to my previous post from many of you got me fully recharged with inspiration as well. Now back to regular programming. 🙂

I still have 1 more photo set for this series on the Kakheti then we’ll move on to Georgia’s southwestern region near the Black Sea on which I have prepared a series of exciting stories and photo sets as well.  I initially thought of inserting a series on another country for variation but then decided that I might as well be done with my Georgia series first before moving on to another country.  There are several other interesting  places I want to visit and photograph in Georgia and I’m hoping to visit again soon so it’s best to start anew by then.

Speaking of another country, I’m quite anxious right now getting ready for another assignment in a place which I’m afraid might be too exotic for me.   This is also why I already got my next sets drafted and ready to post as I’m not sure how much internet time I will get in that place.  I’ll make sure to keep posting but I assume that interaction with subscribers and fellow bloggers will get limited.  The good thing is, I’ll have completely new stories to tell and fresh photos to show after the assignment. So stay tuned. 🙂