Oh no, another teaser!

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

A Good Question!

I’m using this photo of an installation along Batumi Boulevard to continue with the travelogue on Georgia and introduce this series about Batumi, Georgia’s port city near the Black Sea.  Last year, I posted a set entitled The Trump Tower and Other Rising Structures in Batumi  which was mainly about the on-going construction boom in the area.  But of course those were not the only photos I took.  Batumi is such a lovely place to be limited by those images.  And so this is the series to complete the picture.

There is also a significant difference in the atmosphere of the photos in this series as all of them were taken  in early spring, on my second visit in April 2011.  And so the series starts from the foggy morning when we arrived at Batumi to the sunny day we travelled back to Tbilisi — a matter of 2 days but the series is composed of 6 to 7 articles/photo sets.

Stay close as we try to follow the arrows above. 🙂