Dug-out 1

Jessie T. Ponce Photography


Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Low Tide

Dug-out canoes are interesting photography subjects. Carved out in one piece from huge tree trunks, they can range from a few  feet to several meters in length. My mental image of dugout canoes  in Papua New Guinea were those long ones being paddled by dozens of dark, muscular, and fierce-looking warriors in colorful garb.  But gone are those muscle-powered boats for good as the long dugouts, such as those in the first photo, are now powered by petrol outboards. These long versions carry dozens of men, women and children between urban centers and villages along the mighty Fly River in Western Province.  But I love photographing the smaller ones silently cruising the marshes and dark waterways deep in the jungles or carrying lone fishermen along the coastlines.  This series depicts them in various settings and uses.