A Papuan Seascape 1

A seaside village near Daru

I was coming from Port Moresby, the capital of  Papua New Guinea, on my way to my second visit to Kiunga when I got stranded in the island of Daru during a stop over.  The small twin otter plane had already taken off from Daru when passengers noticed some fuel leaking into the cabin!  So the pilots  decided to turn back, disembarked us in Daru, and brought the plane all the way back to Port Moresby without taking any of its passengers.  Fortunately, I had some business to do in the island and found some friends who helped arrange things while I waited for the plane that will ‘safely’ take me to Kiunga.

Daru is a small island at the mouth of the Fly River in the Gulf of Papua.  It used to be the provincial capital of the Western Province (most provincial officials are now holding office at Kiunga) and is the main trading center for mainland villages close to the gulf, including those along the delta and southern tip of the Fly River.  Of course, it was also an opportunity for me to capture a glimpse of the life and landscape around the gulf.   This series shares some of the seascapes I captured while stranded on the island.