The Trump Tower and Other Rising Structures in Batumi

This post has been on the top of the daily views of A Traveller’s Tale for almost a week now. The funny thing is, none of the many recent viewers left a comment or a like.  The most probable reason for the uptrend is Sunday’s unveiling of the tower by Donald Trump (see this story and so people have been ‘googling’ the topic.

A Traveler's Tale

I got excited when I saw the above image showing the Trump Tower that will soon rise in the Republic of Georgia‘s Black Sea coast of Batumi (for more details about this image, click this link).  I was in Georgia in April 2011 and was fortunate to have visited Batumi.  I have photographed almost the whole area and have witnessed the massive development that was underway to boost the tourism industry in this part of the world.  I was also made aware that the Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has been personally leading the campaign to attract foreign investors into the country and had recently succeeded in convincing Donald Trump to build the two tallest towers in Georgia (see this story Trump Signs Deal to Develop Two Towers in Georgia, the Former Soviet State), one of which will be in Batumi.  But since construction of the Trump…

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