Dugout 4

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

High Tide

This type of further-modified dugout can be found in the island of Daru in the Gulf of Papua.  Aside from the outboard motor and an outrigger on one side; a canopy is added to make it look like a houseboat.  The owners of these types of dugouts usually come from the villages close to the mouth of the Fly River.  They load up the boat with sago, bananas, coconuts, meat of deer or cassowary if they caught some, and, accompanied by the whole family, deliver these ‘bush products’ to Daru where they wait for days until their goods get sold out in Daru market and they have procured their village supplies (Will post a whole photo essay on this topic later).  In this photo, kids watch as their father starts to unload some of the goods from the dugout.