Terminal 2: A Smoker’s Garden

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

“Smoking Area”, Changi Airport, Singapore

There’s a lot to like about Singapore’s Changi Airport, the 7th busiest international airport in the world and one of Business Traveller‘s  Best Airport awardee.  For me, it’s that feeling that you’re just in one big mall while inside the terminal because of its 70,000 square meters of shopping and dining areas.  But even malls can be just a maze of metal and concrete so it’s probably Changi’s gardens (among the most prominent are the indoor fern garden and an orchid garden and koi pond in the midst of hugely tempting duty-free shops)  that makes the difference.  Even smokers, who often look tortured in glass-enclosed, gas-chamber-like smoking rooms in other terminals, have this glorious ambiance of a sunflower garden in an open-air smoking area on the upper deck of Terminal 2.