Jessie T. Ponce Photography

“Sandbar”, Camiguin Island, Philippines, August 2012

An early morning scene at White Island, a sandbar just 5 minutes boat ride off the main island of Camiguin in the Philippines.

This starts a short series on Camiguin Island.  I gathered a number of photos when I spent a long weekend on the island in mid-August after two weeks in PNG.  I’ve been to another country since then and have gathered literally more than a thousand images which I’m excited to work on and post.  But I didn’t want to skip posting this set as I know that it will be hard to go back to them once I have moved to another photo set.  In order to catch up, I have adjusted my posting schedule to once a day — quite ambitious considering my schedule but it’s a better option than confining my work to the archives.  In a way, it’s also good to have a look at sunny places when fall is about to end and winter is on its way.  Thanks for being a part of these travels. 🙂