The Horses of Bulgan 1

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

“The Horses of Bulgan 1”, Mongolia, September 2012

According to some historians, the Mongolian horse played a crucial role in Genghis Khan’s military might and the successful expansion of his empire which covered most of Asia and parts of Europe.  The horse is small when placed side by side with hybrids but it is strong, can withstand harsh winters, and has the stamina to travel great distances in any weather.  Yarns had it that Genghis Khan’s forces mounted on these horses sustain their attacks in the dead of winter when their enemies were too cold to put up a fight.

In modern time, the Mongolian horse is just part of the huge livestock (some 50 million) of Mongolia.  They provide transportation, meat, and milk to the herders and their relatives in the urban centers.  Airag (or commonly known in Central Asia as kumis), made of fermented mare’s milk,  is a favorite drink among Mongolians.  Some say that airag from Bulgan Province is the best in the country.  This series features images of Mongolian horses in Bulgan Province.