Terminal 9: Holiday Spirits

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

“Holiday Spirits”, Changi Airport Terminal 1, Singapore 2012

I don’t know what they’re called, what they’re made of , or how they operate but these “droplets”  entrance weary travellers as they gently float, sliding along the almost invisible threads… up then down… up then down…  flying… soaring… blinking like golden liquid fireflies in randomly choreographed hypnotic movements.


Tired from a long journey, I stopped and watched the magical show.  In my momentary trance, I saw the golden droplets as spirits anxiously looking for the right place in a crowded merry-making world…. observing the holidays as if it’s the last chance to enjoy or share joy, to forgive or seek forgiveness, to find hope or give hope, to absorb light or exude light, to love or be loved…


And then, as I snapped out of the trance and turned towards the busy counters, I  reminded myself that the holidays shall soon be over and the cycle shall start once again.  Just like myself, some may find in the holidays what they searched for, others may not.


May you find the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season.