Tunnel Vision: The Hong Kong CHT

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Hong Kong Cross-Harbor Tunnel, November 2012

Labyrinthine.  Claustrophobic.  Perhaps I have become too accustomed to the endless steppes of Mongolia or the tropical jungles of Papua New Guinea that these were how I perceived Hong Kong when I did a 3-day business trip there in November.

I’m not totally unfamiliar with Hong Kong.  The office I worked for many years ago was headquartered there so I had to do regular visits and stayed for days at a time.  The city has massively grown since then but the general atmosphere of an urban jungle has remained.

I purposely took the double-decked bus to the airport when I exited Hong Kong so I can use the higher vantage point of the upper deck when taking photos along the route.  This one was particularly difficult to capture because of the bus’ motion, the low light inside the tunnel, and, well, the smudgy windshield between my lens and the subject (some of the light reflections on the windshield are still visible in the photo) but I liked the general effect of the converging lines.

Welcome to Hong Kong.