Cityscape 1

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Hong Kong, November 2012

Okay, so I photographed dozens of nomadic gers from the passenger seat of  a mobile Land Cruiser in Mongolia.  Fine, but that was in open landscape and the small solitary gers were almost always  as if ready to be photographed with the help of the picturesque Mongolian countryside.  Plus, being in an office car, I can at least get the driver to slow down a little if not totally stop for the shot.

Hong Kong was totally different.  Potential subjects greatly varied in size,  the landscape quickly changed with each city block, and I was totally at the mercy of the city’s public transport system.  Also, as usual, there was always the heavy “official business” to do so taking photos was just, well, incidental.  And so, until the time I was about to exit Hong Kong, I was still looking for anything to photograph.

The photos in this series were taken from the front seat of the upper deck of  a double decker bus from Kowloon to Hong Kong International Airport — not necessarily a tour of the city’s major landmarks but please ride with me.