Hong Kong Tramways 1

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Hong Kong Tramways, November 2012

Work has finally relaxed a bit on my third and last day in Hong Kong but what shall I do to cover as much ground with photos considering that it was already getting late?  The answer came from a colleague  who suggested that I take the tram.

It was not a bad idea.  The Hong Kong tram system is one of the earliest forms of public transport in Hong Kong and has already celebrated its 100 years of service in 2004.  As such, it has also become a major tourist attraction and it served my purpose since the tramway runs through almost the whole stretch of  Hong Kong Island between Shau Kei Wan and Kennedy Town.  And so, for HK$2.30 (this is the regular rate for adults regardless of the distance travelled),  I was able to take photos of  Hong Kong life at night along the whole stretch of the tram line which I’m happy to share through this series.