Hong Kong Tramways 8

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Hong Kong Tramways, November 2012

Most of the tram stop locations have remained unchanged since their establishment. However, some have had their names changed, e.g. “Shu Shen Guan” (Chinese 書信館), General Post Office in the 1940s is now called “World-Wide House“. In 1934, Hong Kong Tramways introduced loading islands (waiting areas) at some busy tram stops to ensure the safety of passengers. Today, there are 123 tram stops in total, most of them are sheltered refuge islands.

Tram stops are densely located in an average interval of 250 metres (820 ft). Most of them are located in the middle of the road, connected by pedestrian crossings or footbridges. Major stops include Yee Wo Street stop at Causeway BayPacific Place stop at Admiralty, and Prince’s Building /The Landmark stop at Central.