Photoart 1: Market

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

“Photoart 1: Market” / Kiunga, Western Province, Papua New Guinea / June 2013 – Aside from the main town market, there are several smaller markets all over Kiunga. These are clusters of stalls selling various local produce from vegetables and root crops to fish and jungle animals being sold as food.

There comes a time in a photographer’s life when he finds himself wanting of other ways to express himself through his photography.  As a result, some simply shift to other subjects (from landscapes to portraits, for example) but others try to explore a different style.  I guess I belong to the latter now.  “Playing” with the photos I took of Kiunga town market in June (see previous post), I discovered that I actually liked the result of creating an image that looks somewhat like a combination of a photo and a painting.  For me that is understandable because I used to paint and was actually able to sell a few dozen of my work.  Perhaps my art still tend to gravitate towards painting and I have graduated from using the real canvass to painting through my photo editor’s ‘brushes’ and ‘palettes’.   Through this series, I’m pleased to share the result of my “photoart” (for lack of a better term) experiment.  Don’t worry, I made sure to keep the originals in-tact.  Have fun!