A Summer Place 2

Club Asiano, Samal

“A Summer Place 2” / Island Garden City of Samal, The Philippines / April 2014

This series features a set of photos taken over a 24-hour period of the same small, idyllic, almost obscure place called Club Asiano in the Island Garden City of Samal in Southern Philippines.   The site is composed of just a few bungalows and picnic huts situated on less than a hundred meters of beachfront area and so there were not to many choices of subjects on the beach. But my viewfinder always gravitated towards a certain nook — a small thatch hut standing on the water alongside a couple of enduring mangrove trees by a boardwalk that stretches out to the sea — and, at the end of my overnight stay, my camera quickly aged by several dozen clicks just because of this spot.

The fourteen images I finally chose out of dozens have undergone various combinations of settings and processing based on my personal preference and style as I have previously explained.  I’ll be posting a part of the series each Sunday and, at the end of the series, I hope to pick the best (if that is even possible) based on the number of likes and positive comments each image got from you, the judges.  Let’s see if this little experiment works.   Have a blessed Sunday! 🙂

Author’s Note: The size of the images were purposely reduced for protection.  I keep the full-sized copies in my archive.