World Environment Day: Tureture – The Vanishing Village

This article, posted in advance on World Environment Day, provides the background and context of the succeeding posts (except the Sunday series, A Summer Place). Have fun.

A Traveler's Tale

Tureture Village The village of Tureture as seen from its coast

This photo essay was scheduled to be posted for later date but, realizing that the World Environment Day is being observed today, June 05; I decided to publish it now. In the US, President Obama has made a major policy decision to force power plants to cut carbon emissions by 30% (from 2005 levels) over 15 years,  a decision which “represents one of the biggest actions taken by the U.S. government — and the biggest taken by any U.S. president — to slow climate change”  (and the American people are once again divided regarding the popularity of this decision). Meanwhile, on the other side of the Paciific, the Kiwai people in this small seaside village struggle to survive between an advancing sea and a hostile neighbor and may never understand what (and WHO) are causing it.

Gulf of Papua, May…

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