Capa de Leon 6

Staghorn Fern, Elkhorn FernJuly 2014: It’s been two years since I photographed and posted photos of these magnificent aerial plant hanging from the branches of the trees in my yard (The last post on this subject was on July 18, 2012).  It was time to revisit them but this time I processed the photos in B&W.  They apparently remained healthy and lovely as they were two years ago.  My posts for the next 10 Mondays will feature this uniquely beautiful ornament of nature.

Staghorn or Elkhorn Fern.



.This is the actual color and appearance of the half dozen or more of these plants in my yard.  The local name of this plant is Capa de Leon  (lion’s cape) probably because of the shape of the plant when it’s mature.  It actually belongs to the family of  platycerium, also known as staghorn fern or elkhorn fern because of the unique shape of its fronds that has some semblance in shape to the horn of an elk.