iPhone Photography (HDR): Sukhbaatar Square 1

Sukhbaatar Square

“Sukhbaatar Square 1” / Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia / June 2014

June 2014:  Well, there I was again, back in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.   Before coming over, I had high hopes that I would be able to visit the Mongolian countryside.  In fact, I had some specific places in mind.  But my two weeks stay was just enough to complete a document I was tasked to produce and so the only travels I did were those between my hotel and the office and some visits to nearby districts.  Fortunately, my hotel was situated just across the street from the Government House and Sukhbaatar Square where the activities never seem to end and promenaders never seem to run out.  And so, when my head started to spin from heavy technical writing, I just walked across the street and watch the square transform as the long summer days end.  And when I had enough, I headed back to my lonely hotel room to my faithful laptop waiting by the piles of documents I still needed to absorb.

But that did not mean I won’t be able to do photography.  No,  it only meant I could try something new with “old” subjects, this time using my iPhone (still in line with my effort to shift from the heavy DSLR to lighter gear  – see “Shifting Gear”).   The skies over the square seemed to cooperate every time I took a walk in and around it and when I got excited about the image I just took, I sat in a quiet nook and immediately processed the photo into HDR using Snapseed.   Cool.  This made my short breaks fun and now I’m happy to share the results in this series.