Terminal 17: Romanticizing Duty Free

Incheon International AirportJune 2014:  A 12-hour lay-over on my way to Mongolia saw me tracing and re-tracing the massive halls and corridors of Incheon International Airport in between breaks at the rest and relaxation area, browse-throughs of my recent mails, and random checks of the many choices of goods at duty free shops.  I could have checked out Seoul City itself but, being alone, that prospect seemed less interesting than staying within the confines of the busy airport terminal.  I was sure there were enough things that could keep me busy while waiting for my flight.

Incheon International AirportOne of the things that pleasantly killed my time was this group of ladies playing popular classical tunes and romantic melodies at one strategic corner.  They were quite good and, while they did not directly promote the airport or its duty free products as the photos suggest, I think their music relaxes the weary traveller and thus puts him or her in a buying mood.  At least, on my part, I got convinced to buy a Korean smart camera,  a compact Samsung NX300, which I excitedly tried on these lovely Korean ladies.   Figuring out the camera’s many features helped to keep myself busy until it was time to board my flight.

Incheon International Airport