iPhone Photography (HDR): Sukhbaatar Square 3


“iPhone Photography: Sukhbaatar Square 3” / Ulaanbaatar Mongolia / June 2014

Damdinii Sükhbaatar (Mongolian: Дамдины Сүхбаатар; February 2, 1893 – February 20, 1923) was a founding member of the Mongolian People’s Party and leader of the Mongolian partisan army that liberated Khüree during the Outer Mongolian Revolution of 1921. Enshrined as the “Father of Mongolia’s Revolution”, he is remembered as one of the most important figures in Mongolia’s struggle for independence (Wikipedia).   The center of the socio-political life of Ulaanbaatar and, indeed, the whole nation — Sukhbaatar Square — is named after him and his statue, which dominates the square, is seen here majestically silhouetted against the summer sunset as if beckoning the people around him to rise into action.