Throwback Thursday: Tropical Fruits Facts and Legends

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Durian, Asia’s Notorious “King of Fruits”

On July 21, 2011, A Traveller’s Tale was born with its very first post, “Tropical Fruits Facts and Legends: Asia’s Notorious “King of Fruits”.  Until September of that year, a total of seven fruits were featured in this blog and tropical fruits has proven to be an “evergreen” topic; getting visited, liked, cited and commented on year after year until now thus reinforcing the frequent advice to bloggers to chose enduring topics for their articles.

Aside from the durian, the tropical fruits featured on this series so far were:

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Cross section of a young coconut

Coconut – The Tree of Life

Tropical Fruits

Fresh pineapples with their crown

Pineapple – The Fruit of Hospitality

Tropical Fruit

A golden fruit the shape of a human heart

Mango – The Fruit of Love and Friendship

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

The Papaya Tree

Papaya – The Fruit of the Angels

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

The jackfruit tree

 Jackfruit – The World’s Largest Fruit

These fruits in a tree are almost ready for harvesting (Davao City, Philippines)

A pomelo tree almost ready for harvesting

Pomelo – The Fruit of Reunion

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), due to shifts in work focus and schedule, this site has evolved into a travel and photography-focused blog and has not sustained this series mainly because of limited to time to research topics and shoot photos for each article.  Nevertheless, the series has been found to be enjoyable and very informative by many and so I still hope to add more articles to this series in the future.