A River Scene 1

Fly River, river scene

“To Catch a Fish” / Fly River, Western Province, Papua New Guinea / November 2014

It was a beautiful day in November and I was excited.  After two years, I’ll have another opportunity to visit villages in the jungles (locals and Aussies would call it “the bush”) along the Fly River.  We only had a day to do it and that meant two hours upstream was the farthest we can go.  But that was good enough for me, at least this time.  I kept a note to myself to, one day, when my days were not defined by work schedules, I’m going to ply the whole stretch of the mighty Fly River from Kiunga in the north through the mystic Lake Murray and then all the way down to Oriomo-Bituri in the South, ending the “expedition” in Daru Island in the Gulf of Papua.  It could take weeks and a lot of courage. The Fly River is situated in one of the remotest regions of PNG and therefore, the jungle through which it runs among the fiercest.  I can already feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins with the thought.  That will do for now.  In the meantime, let me share some of the images I took from the trip through this series.