A ‘Techie’ Villager

vilager's dingy on buka passage

passenger dingy on buka passage

“A Techie Villager” / Buka Passage, Autonomous Region of Bougainville, PNG / November 2014

November 2014: Sitting with colleagues at a seaside restaurant in Buka, I spent the waiting time for steamed fish and crabs observing the activities on Buka Passage.  Dingies and dugout canoes of various shapes and sizes came and left to and from unknown places in the cluster of islands.   This one caught my attention when one of its two engines stuttered and the loaded boat started floating aimlessly while its operators started tinkering with the troubled engine. And then I noticed this lady (second from right), one foot comfortably dangling from the dinghy’s side and apparently oblivious to  what was happening on the boat as she tries to catch the probably dying signal on her mobile phone.  Such is life on the islands.