Sunday Market: Tough Choices

market photoart

“Tough Choices” / Buka Autonomous Region of Bougainville, PNG / November 2014

Photographer’s Note:  Men and women in perfectly-toned dark skin — many adorned with facial and body tattoos only their fascinating tribal cultures could explain — milling about under the shade on often humid and glaring equatorial days in their bright multicolored garb that can only suggest deep homage to their national symbol, the majestic bird-of-paradise.  The commonness of this sight in the rural areas of Papua New Guinea was the wellspring that spawned inspiration for this series.  The exciting blend of light, color and texture in the images was slightly exaggerated for greater impact.   Imagining the full-sized versions of these images framed and hung on the walls of rooms and corridors of an establishment gave a further boost of inspiration.