Sunday Close-up: Sun Catchers


“Sun Catchers” / Jessie T. Ponce Photography / March 2015

Okay, it’s time to brighten up our Sundays now that the Sunday Market series has ended.

One good thing about life in SE Asia is the fact that, in most countries, there are only two seasons, the wet/rainy season and the dry/sunny season and, in many places, the seasons are not even that distinct, at least while Mother Nature is not yet manifesting the full wrath of climate change.  In these parts of the globe, even when locals say it’s summertime, you can expect some rain to fall from time to time and, inversely, the sun occasionally pays a visit even when it’s supposed to be the rainy season — thus gardening (and, of course agricultural production) gets a strong boost from the weather.  And so, when somebody brought me sunflower seeds from Thailand, I did not hesitate and excitedly planted them around a backyard pond.  And then, after just a few weeks of weeding and watering, voila, these sun catchers lit up in full glory under the tropic sky.   Not only did the cheerful sunflowers brighten up my pond, they also gave my shutter bug itch a quick remedy when I’m not on travel.

This series attempts to capture the details of sunflowers as they do their daily conversations with the tropic sun or are just starting to wake up to this bright new world.  Have a blessed Sunday!